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Sentosphere The Loto of the Odeur (French)
Board games
47.10 CHF

Sentosphere The Loto of the Odeur

Sentosphere Aquarellum Gm 3T Licornes Et Pegases
Paint sets
15.– CHF

Sentosphere Aquarellum Gm 3T Licornes Et Pegases

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More than just games, it's a sensory experience.

Sentosphère was founded by Véronique Debroise, whose passion for perfumes led her to travel the world and then write books about aromatic raw materials.
To share her passion, she decided to create the first fragrance games in 1989: The Fragrance Lotto, Magic Odor, Scents, Perfume Masters, Bacchanales or the Spice Route. So many fun, intergenerational games that take us back in time and guide us through our culture with our senses.

But very quickly she realizes that hearing, touching, tasting and seeing are also neglected in Western education. With this in mind, she is keen to develop specific products to awaken each of our senses.
Thus, the games of gustatory awakening such as the Loto des Saveurs or les Oies Gourmandes, the candy kiosk or l'Ecole des Gourmets the visual experiences with more artistic products such as Aquarellum, Sablimage or the entire art and creative palette.

For several years, scientific products have taken center stage in the annual collections with kits for making spa products, shampoos, soaps or creams, or for discovering the power of water or light with the Mystery series.
In 25 years, Véronique Debroise has developed more than 40 product ranges, more than 10 of which have been awarded by professional juries from the toy industry, in France and abroad.

Véronique Debroise is a laureate of the Fondation de la Vocation, the Fondation Jacques Douce, the Fondation pour le Progrès, the Chevalier du Mérite and the Chevalier du Mérite Agricole, for 5 books of which she is the author on wines and aromatic plants.
In 2000, Veronique Debroise also signed a series of home fragrances.
A constant commitment to sustainable and "Made in France" products.....
To control quality and be as responsive as possible, Sentosphere games are manufactured in France. The factory integrates more and more know-how to offer games at the best value for money. As a result, 1,500,000 games are produced annually.
The factory, which is very environmentally conscious, recycles all waste and develops compact products, 80% of whose raw materials or elements are manufactured within 400 km. Likewise, the packaging has been made as compact as possible to minimize the harmful effects of over-packaging on the living environment.

Logistics is also located close to important communication routes to distribute packages as quickly as possible, minimizing cargo breaks, distances and therefore CO2 emissions.

Throughout their life cycle, products are controlled at the plant. Before, during and after manufacturing, an inspection is carried out to ensure that they meet quality and safety requirements.

The products are designed and tested to meet the latest standards for toys, cosmetics, food and REACH. All these tests are performed by certified European laboratories. The CE pictogram on the boxes is a reminder of this constant commitment to compliance with European standards....