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    The Electrolux Group is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances for private and commercial use.

    Before we bring innovations to the market, we must be convinced of their practical benefits. Because the secret of success of innovative products lies in the professional analysis of the wishes and needs of our customers. Only those who know them can develop products that meet these diverse requirements.

    It's hard to imagine life without Electrolux's highly efficient, technically advanced helpers that make everyday household tasks easier. They help to save energy and at the same time provide a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. At the same time they integrate harmoniously into a modern living ambience.

    Our vacuum cleaners and small appliances have not only convinced renowned test institutes, but will also inspire you. Electrolux offers an excellent selection of top-of-the-range appliances - the ideal product for every requirement. Especially attractive, especially powerful, especially quiet, especially comfortable, especially flexible, especially economical.