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Coton swabs + Cotton pads

Coton swabs + Cotton padsCoton swabs + Cotton pads

Bath accessories

Bath accessoriesBath accessories

Nailcare devices

Nailcare devicesNailcare devices



Make-up accessories

Make-up accessoriesMake-up accessories



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The dm brand ebelin is all about beauty and well-being - and has been since 1994. The range started out very small - with curlers, hairbrushes and make-up brushes. Since then, a lot has happened and the assortment now includes more than 500 products from the areas of beauty and cosmetics, hair, jewelry and wellness.
The beauty and cosmetics category includes numerous tools and helpers for everyday beauty.
In the make-up area, this includes a large selection of brushes and make-up sponges. High-quality make-up brushes are offered with the ebelin Professional series, with which you can conjure up the perfect look. Due to the delicate synthetic hair that is used for the brushes, they are also completely vegan.