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    Logo of the boskke brand


    The Boskke brand was created by the two New Zealand brothers Patrick and Jake Morris. The name is a pun from the old English word "bosky", which actually means "small forest".

    The aim of the brothers was to convert conventional garden products to the contemporary and urban lifestyle. In less than ten years, more than half of the world's population will be living in urban areas. Boskke therefore supports and demands the planting of individual households. Not only because it looks beautiful, but also because it allows valuable oxygen to be extracted and the air to be filtered.

    This is how the "Sky Planters" - flower pots that can simply be hung on the wall - were first created. Thanks to them, even smaller apartments and offices can be greened. In addition, the "Sky Planters" give every location a fresh and stylish touch. With the "Cubes" the brothers also succeeded in creating a special eye-catcher. The transparent planters are both functional and decorative.