Return policy

How much time do I have to return a product?

To find out whether and until when at the latest you can return a product, please check

Our return periods apply from the date of shipment or date of collection. When returning an item, the date of the postmark or the date on which it was personally returned applies

Return period for our additional services

  • Device insurance 30 days. Find details here
  • Warranty extension 14 days. Find details here


Will I be charged for returning a product?


  • Drop-off at a store: no costs
  • Sending a parcel: CHF 7.–
  • Logistics service provider for parcels over 30kg and 1.0m × 0.6m × 0.6m
    • Packed and collected from the kerbside: CHF 60.–
    • Unpacked and/or collected from place of use: CHF 120.–

   Digitec Galaxus AG will cover the costs in the following cases:

  • The product is clothing or shoes
  • Upon receipt of a different product than ordered
  • In case of incorrect product information in the online store
  • Upon receipt of an item that wasn’t ordered
  • Upon receipt of an incomplete product

Expense allowance

  • Unopened, undamaged and in original packaging: no deduction
  • Opened packaging or used product: at least 10% or minimum deduction of CHF 10.–
  • Clothing and shoes with no signs of use, labels on the garment and original packaging: no deduction


How can I initiate a return?

  1. Register your return online via «Returns, repairs and support» in your customer account
  2. Select reason for return and packaging condition
  3. Specify how you’d like to return the product
    • Exceptions:
      • Dropping off a product at a store is only possible for products that can be ordered via collection
      • Third-party products can only be sent back or arranged via a logistics service provider
      • Return of parcels over 30kg or larger than 1.0m × 0.6m  × 0.6m is only possible with a logistics service provider
  4. Post your return
  5. As soon as we receive your returned product, it is checked and a potential refund is initiated (see also «Will I be charged for returning a product?»)

Parcels over 30kg or larger than 1.0m × 0.6m × 0.6m

  • After you register the return, our specialist department will contact you and initiate the collection. Our logistics service provider will then coordinate the collection date with you.


What do I need to know about pick@home parcel collection?

  • Collection always takes place on weekdays
  • Collection can be booked up to 10 working days in advance
  • Next-day collection can be chosen until 11:59 p.m. on the previous day


Which products can’t be returned?

  • Any products with missing accessories
  • If the original packaging is not present
  • Electronic software licenses (ESD) and food products
  • Plants and food
  • Cars, electric cars or hybrid cars
  • Resale offers from private sellers

  The following products can only be returned with unopened packaging:

  • Safety products such as child car seats or climbing ropes, etc.
  • Consumables such as toner, filters, ink cartridges, etc.
  • Hygiene items such as toothbrushes, razors, etc.
  • Books, DVDs and software without broken seal
  • Products used for food preparation or storage (blenders, pans, Tupperware, etc.​)

In the case of damaged, defective or non-functioning products, please register a warranty claim.