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Star EF 700 Digital (Alluminio)
CHF 19.40
Hama Star EF 700 Digital (Alluminio)

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5 risposte su Hama Star EF 700 Digital (Alluminio)

User ioannis.evagelou

May I ask whether I can use this tripod with the Olympus OM-D E-M10?

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User knuddelber
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yes, this is no Problem, you can use this Stativ with the camera! The Stative have a normal 1/4" thread!

User razimantv

Can this tripod be used with Canon SX130 IS?

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User Matthias Widmer
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Yes, this tripod is compatible with all cameras that have a standard 1/4" attachment thread. This includes the Canon SX130 IS.