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Pannenschutz 5 Jahre (Estensioni di garanzia)
CHF 129.–
Sony Pannenschutz 5 Jahre (Estensioni di garanzia)

Domanda su Sony Pannenschutz 5 Jahre (Estensioni di garanzia)

User rainer_lainio

I have it on my Sony A7RM3 and as I understand it's an extended warranty.

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User petrenko

I have the same camera and that's what confuses me...

In attached to this listing documents it is called:

DE: Erweiterte Garantie mit Pannenschutz
FR: Garantie étendue avec Couverture pour le Cas Fortuit

In document one receives as confirmation after registration on SONY site it is "Service: PORTABLE 5 ANS DE PROTECTION COMPLETE"

User rainer_lainio

There is a "warranty terms of condotions" on the link. It's this one.

User petrenko

Yes, and following this link you have T&C for 2 products:

1) Erweiterte Garantie
2) Erweiterte Garantie mit Pannenschutz

That's a puzzle :)


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