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  • Cobra XTR
  • Cobra XTR
  • Cobra XTR
CHF 629.–
Hammer Cobra XTR

Bewertung zu Hammer Cobra XTR.

User mros

Good value for money.

Some elements of the rower are actually very weakly designed:
- the foot rest broke after only 4 times using it (used the warranty for that, and the manufacturer sent me a new foot rest within a week)
- the foot rest belt (the thing that holds my foot to the foot rest) will eventually break.
- the screen thingy is made of very cheap plastic. If you hit it or even just press a little too hard, it will definitely break.
- computed distance is not based on "real" rower distance. It is based on the length of the seat movement. For instance, if the seat moves back and forth 2*80 cm, your total distance will be 160cm. This is really discouraging to do a 40 min exercise and only see 0.88 km on the display...

Everything else is very robust and it doesn't feel like it will move anywhere.

It is foldable, but is a bit bulky, even when folded.

Bottom line : If you are starting working out, and are not too sure which rower to buy, then this one is perfect.
If you are a mid to high level sport-person, then you may find that this is a bit lacking in features (program selection, heart rate monitor, ...).

As far as I am concerned, I am very happy with it. I use it about 2-3 times a week in the last month and a half and for this price, I can only recommend it.

Side note : there was no pretty girl in the box... Heck, not even a pretty boy...

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