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  • Modell D mit Pm5 Monitor
  • Modell D mit Pm5 Monitor
  • Modell D mit Pm5 Monitor
CHF 1119.–
Concept2 Modell D mit Pm5 Monitor

Bewertung zu Concept2 Modell D mit Pm5 Monitor.

User Pommerli1

Fantastic Workout equipment!!!

The Concept2 indoor rower has exceeded my expectations. From the service offered by Galaxus (easy to order, arrived within three days all with constant updates) to unpacking and assembly, ordering and installing were a breeze. The unit itself is easy to use and offers a simple monitor which easily connects via bluetooth to an app where I can easily keep track of my progress. The online support program from Concept2 is great as well and offered and easy intro to my first time indoor rowing experience. I would recommend this indoor rower for anyone looking to get fit at home with an exercise that efficiently works all major muscle groups without the high impact of running on a treadmill. I am more than pleased with Concept2!!

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