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Protector Pro 1 Digital (43mm, Schutzfilter)
CHF 30.20
Hoya Protector Pro 1 Digital (43mm, Schutzfilter)

Bewertung zu Hoya Protector Pro 1 Digital (43mm, Schutzfilter).

User saverio.bolognani
Protector Pro 1 Digital (43mm, Schutzfilter)

It does it job properly, just a bit difficult to clean (as all filters, maybe)

I bought the filter in order to protect the front lens of my camera (Panasonic LX100) from fingerprints (quite likely to happen, when taking photos of babies!).
It does its job, and the original lens cap works well on the filter.
I haven't seen any extra glare due to the filter, but I guess it could happen.
The only thing I don't like: it's quite difficult to clean from fingerprints. I used some lens-cleaning cloth, and some general purpose glass cleaner, and it always leave a trace. It might be due to the multi-coating on the surface, which improves optical performance but makes filter harder to clear. I don't own other filters, thus I can't compare. Sure it's more difficult to clean than the lens!


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