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Toucan (60 x 75 cm)
G&C Gallery Toucan (60 x 75 cm)

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    Lukasz 2018

    4 anni fa
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    Not happy at all

    When I tried to pick it up in Basel on 15th January it turned out that the frame has some dents and scratches. Well, that can happen since it's quite big, so I asked for a replacement. Today (5 weeks later) I finally got the replacement and guess what... it has very similar if not the same dents and scratches on the frame, except this time it came in a proper wrapping so I could see it only when I arrived at home.

    Maybe the toucan made these dents with his beak?

    Since I value my time I am not going to ask for another replacement. Instead I will hang it on the wall to remind me of this nice story... :/