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  • VC-500W (313dpi)
  • VC-500W (313dpi)
  • VC-500W (313dpi)
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Brother VC-500W (313dpi)

Valutazione su Brother VC-500W (313dpi).

User raphael
VC-500W (313dpi)

Great outcome. Slow but well worth the wait!

So, in brief. The printing quality is very good and offer very clear possibilities for framing with the desk top app. Length , width, import of symbols and images you can change around, fonts etc. it takes a bit of time to get to know
The app, sometimes it doesn’t seem so
Logical how it reacts but in the end it’s all
Possible and you can save the templates you create. It’s very slow, that’s really the only drawback. There is a few things I have not figured out yet, I always have the cut the etiquette in the end by pressing a button and then you have to press the same
Button again otherwise it will not print again... but maybe there’s is an automatic setting for that.
Also, you can print in all
The colors of the rainbow which is quite amazing.the desktop app doesn’t work on the older OS systems so
Make sure yours is compatible. I found the wireless setup with handy cumbersome and really too
Slow.but with the desktop app it works well.

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