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  • Focus 300 (orecchio, Nero)
  • Focus 300 (orecchio, Nero)
  • Focus 300 (orecchio, Nero)
JBL Focus 300 (orecchio, Nero)

Valutazione su JBL Focus 300 (orecchio, Nero).

User Elbrice
Focus 300 (orecchio, Nero)

Dont buy this product

Very painful to wear, there are pressure points inside the ear that are just unbearable after a few minutes. Even worse if you wear a hat.
The two round-the-ear parts actually disconnected from the main speaker. Not sure if it is intentional, although the result is that they are absolutely useless as don’t mechanically connect firmly enough to the speaker parts, thus don’t hold it in place.
The overall layout means that the rubber piece, which is – I expect – supposed to stick in your ear and isolate a bit from outer world’s noise is just not in the right position. The consequence is a very poor sound quality, with a lot of treble, no bass and having to set the volume flat out if you want to cover external sound. Possibly due to my ears’ form, although this is the first time I hit such problem and my wife felt the same.
I have other JBL products I am very happy with but this one is a firm no-no.


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