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So I ordered 2 articles yesterday at around 16:00. Both were/are in stock. Order status the next morning: ready to be shipped. It wouldn't be a big deal but digitec keeps advertising this exceptional fast delivery and this is not the first or the second time it's happening. I know, first world problems. But sometimes you rely on the fact that you get what you ordered the next day, as advertised!
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Same here! It’s been a week now and I still don’t have my “next day delivery” items with me.
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I've had a mixed bag of delivery times advertised and actual deliveries...

I think it has more to do with the Post than actually Digitec/Galaxus tbh. The post usually showed the exact day, as promised on the Digitec/Galaxus website, but then changed to between a few dates.

But, yes used to be much more precise before...
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It is frustrating that your ordered purchases to be shipped by Galaxus/Digitec have to wait for your purchases ordered at the same time to be shipped by somebody else on behalf of Galaxus / Digitec. This happens unless you activate separate delivery of goods in one order. Would be good if Galaxus would make „Activate Separate Delivery“ by default.
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I placed an order on last Friday afternoon and it arrived the following day on Saturday w/o any delay.

I have also noticed that products shipped by a third party supplier (usually 2-3 days delivery) also now come the following day...

Agree with @eFTz that there should be an option to either split the delivery or send all in one go option, but would of course mean additional P&P and logistics involved for G/D...
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Same here, happend now 4 times to me and one now in the state of unknown delivery date from the post. I also had order I placed two days later been delivered before earlier order with the stxk in the green.
I suspect the current covid situation and the increase in logistics at digitec/galaxus suffers now the big company issues, but also that orders are send out quite late to make it. impossible for a next day delivery.

Hope this will improve again 😀
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Totally agree. I purchase items often because it states will be delivered by tomorrow if order placed before 17h00, etc and it normally takes several days. Disappointing!
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mixed bag .... sometime i order the friday and get it the saturday and sometime, like recently, i order friday the delivery status show monday and i receive it wednesday ... the tracking and posting notice was sent saturday thus if the post did not mess up it would be monday/tuesday at best and not wednesday.

and sometime the package would be stuck on the post triage center for a whole day...

but i also think it's an issue with the post and not Galaxus...

i also got good surprise on good not in stock with a 1 week delivery window that i have received in 2 days and a half from date of order....

can't blame Galaxus for the post logistic issues
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Completely agree and it’s happening every single time. Have started looking at alternatives that take slightly longer but deliver when they commit. Despite best efforts to discuss this with Galaxus- nobody there seems to care.
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Same here. The order status stays "ready to be shipped" for days - very annoying. The situation seems to have gotten worse as well.
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The issue is not with the post. It would be if the package would be sent, but it's not. They are sending it the day after you ordered, even if you placed the order in the morning. I totally understand that they can be overwhelmed, I just don’t agree with this fake advertising, they should be more honest/realistic, that’s all.
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