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  • Allrounder (11'6")
  • Allrounder (11'6")
  • Allrounder (11'6")
Mint Lama Allrounder (11'6")



Ø 5.0 von 5 Sternen

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2 Bewertungen zu Mint Lama Allrounder (11'6")

User liko2k
Allrounder (11'6")

Very solid board, fun to ride, good for some advanced yoga :)

The board is just great! It is very stable (and slow but that is alright for me) and goes straight very nicely. The double-action pump inflates it quite quickly and pressure mode lets you top up to 15PSI quite easily (it's a workout in itself! :) The included paddle is a bit too short for my but not uncomfortable anyway.
One thing I miss is the front latch fo tie it to mooring point but that can be obtained using the elastic band in the front.


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