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  • uGrip Chain 585 (75cm)
  • uGrip Chain 585 (75cm)
CHF 35.90
Abus uGrip Chain 585 (75cm)

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uGrip Chain 585 (75cm)

Useless if the thief wants your bike

If the thief has an intention to steal your bike, I can't state that this product will keep your bike safe.

My 3 months old bike (Wheeler Falcon Trail 42 purchased from Galaxus) was stolen during this Christmas break in my apartments bicycle room which is locked by default. There are many other bikes that are either left unlocked or much more expensive than mine (including e-bikes) but even if I locked my bike using this chain to a secure area, only my bike was stolen.

Invest in an hardened steel chain and a discreet GPS tracker to locate your bike.

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