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  • Hue Tap Switch
  • Hue Tap Switch
  • Hue Tap Switch
CHF 63.–
Philips Hue Tap Switch

Bewertung zu Philips Hue Tap Switch.

User noipv4
Hue Tap Switch

Eco-friendly kinetic energy 4 way switch for the Philips hue system.

This switch was very easy to pair with my hue bridge. (I tested it with both v1 round and v2 square bridges and it works seamless with both).
After pairing, the default program is to assign the following levels to all or selected hue bulbs:
. All off
.. Low brightness
... Medium brightness
.... Max brightness

User can select up to 4 individual scenes that can be activated for each of the 4 buttons on this switch.
The best part of this switch is that it generates energy from kinetic movement of the whole switch mechanism and there are no batteries. It's more of a Switch than a Button, so the presses should be positive and deep; the whole switch assembly must move down completely for generation of energy in order to transfer data from the tap switch back to the hub.


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