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Baby Dry Pants (Gr. 7, 104 Stück, Monatsbox)
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Pampers Baby Dry Pants (Gr. 7, 104 Stück, Monatsbox)

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Largest size yet still leaks

Pampers is a global brand, yet they don't seem to have mastered the largest size of nappies for small kids. Size 7 is the largest nappy size I could find (but their website is so hard to navigate and it doesn't say it clearly). It also just says a vague 17kg+, but on an older listing on Galaxus, it mentioned that size 7 was up to 29kg (which somehow is a large range of 12kg).

It fits fine, but now we have experienced leaking several times during the night. So ironically, we still have to do the mad dash of cleaning up and changing sheets in the middle of the night (and forbid that it happens on a Saturday night...)

As an aside, we were able to compare with Merries XXL nappies (from someone who had just come from Japan) and just by feeling it, it is almost twice as thick as the Pampers. We tried a couple and it didn't leak!!

Pampers is the only one we can get, so we use it, but it is a shame that we now have to worry about checking the bed during the night.


  • Largest Size


  • Leaks Overnight
  • Makes Saturday nights not fun
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