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Elite 75t
Jabra Elite 75t

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The best true wireless earbuds just got better with Active Noise Cancelling (firmware 2.0/Oct 2020)

Right up front... these are the best true wireless earbuds.., and they kick butt on the Apple Airpod Pro!
The 75t’s are a convincing upgrade over the already excellent 65t’s - the smaller form-factor, the longer battery life,
the incredible call clarity, the improved case with magnetic retention, and the much reduced price entry point (only CHF140), make them the clear true-wireless headphone choice for music lovers, video watchers, conference callers on the go and then they hold up fantastic in the gym.
The 75t’s have a different sound signature to the 65t’s with more bass/depth and with a soundstage that keeps your attention on the drums & beat.
The app allows EQ customization & personal EQ presets, ANC settings, the use of Moments, call experience management, so you can tune to your liking.
Fortunately for Jabra, that means that they now sell two fantastic models of true wireless headphone models ... the 65t now comes up often at the discount price of CHF99, and at that price, it's a no-brainer.
The 75t sells standard at around CHF140 these days and occasionally it is marked down even more. At the standard price, it's already a no-brainer, and even more so compared to the AirPod Pro. Get the 75t (now with ANC) - you will not regret it!!


  • Incredible Music & Media Sound
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Great Call Sound Quality
  • Fantastic Fit & Comfort
  • Water & Sweat Resistance (IP-55)
  • Intuitive App with Customization Options
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Active Noise Cancellation (firmware 2.0)


  • No wireless charging for the charging case
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