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S62 Pro (128 GB, Black, 5.70 ", Dual SIM, 12 Mpx, 4G)
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Cat S62 Pro (128 GB, Black, 5.70 ", Dual SIM, 12 Mpx, 4G)

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good stuff camera fun, unbreakable

i have been violently molesting this phone, throwing it on the ground, on cement on walls ,in water, in the river, in the bathtub.

I was assaulted the other night at the station of bern and used it to defend myself. the
3 assailants have multiple skull rib and spine fractures caused by the ultra robust yet light frame of my cats62

the last one of them tried to run and hide in the sewers but i was very quickly able to spot him thanks to the infrared camera that works like magic and allowed me to stalk the poor b4stard in the dark, ultimately ambushing him.

I was able to call an ambulance despite being in the deep part of the bernese sewers because the receiving is very good too.

otherwise its a normal android based phone that does everything like any other phone.

I would write more but I my colleague forgot to bring the hammer and we need to nail some planks so again the CAT is needed.



  • robust
  • infraredcamera
  • very water resistant
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