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SteelSeries Arctis 9X

Bewertung zu SteelSeries Arctis 9X.

User LuigiLotti

Very bad headset, and even worse customer service from Digitec

The headset was struggling to connect to the Xbox form the very beginning, even though it should be made exactly for this purpose. This got worse and worse and at some point it was really unusable. I sent it back to digitec (shipping at my expenses) asking for a refund, and they forced me to get a repaired or sostitution headset. Fine. I tried again with the second one I received, the connection was a bit better but at some point it just made a strange sound and broke down completely, I tried many things but the headset was completely dead. I again asked for a refund and they told me that I will be forced to go through the repair process 3 times before being able to get a refund!! So basically I will have to pay the shipping costs 4 times, and waste weeks/months, just to finally get what I ordered or get my money back.
This is terrible customer service, I am not sure it is legal from a customer protection law point of view, and anyway they can do it only because they don't have serious competition (e.g. Amazon immediatly gives you the many back if you ask for it!).

I would strongly suggest you not to buy this headset, as it was full of bugs and broke twice.

I would also suggest you to think twice (or at least 3 times LOL) before buying anything on Digitec. If the item works it's fine, but if you have any problem the customer experience is horrible and you will waste money and time.

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