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Schutzglas (1Stück, Galaxy S7)
CHF 31.–
PanzerGlass Schutzglas (1Stück, Galaxy S7)

Bewertung zu PanzerGlass Schutzglas (1Stück, Galaxy S7).

User Anonymous
Schutzglas (1Stück, Galaxy S7)

Vermeiden! Avoid!

Vermeiden! Avoid! No refunds possible! Total waste of money. It doesn't cover the viewable screen area by about 2mm on each side. This means that any tiny "back" arrows or other "interactive touch" areas on the app interface along the edge of the screen will not respond to touch. VERY frustrating. Also the edges along the sides of the glass wouldn't stick down, even after holding them in place for 10min. I don't think this was made for the S7 at all. Avoid!


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