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  • MFC-J5330DW (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe, Duplexdruck)
  • MFC-J5330DW (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe, Duplexdruck)
CHF 139.–statt vorher 179.–1
Brother MFC-J5330DW (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe, Duplexdruck)

Bewertung zu Brother MFC-J5330DW (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe, Duplexdruck).

User bryanw3412
MFC-J5330DW (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe, Duplexdruck)

seems very good value, just a shame about touch screen which ruins the experience.

This is a great printer except for the appalling touch screen interface that requires very careful attention every time you need to use it - such as to manage settings or even request use of copy. My screen arrived with hairline crack that didn't help. If only you could just use the keypad supplied for fax functions to actually control the printer....
But that said the paper store is good, print quality reasonable ( and probably better if you could use the touch screen to do paper quality settings) and I'm hoping the giant ink cartridges will prove good value.
Finally, of course this is a giant of a desktop printer - the price you pay for the paper handler and A3 capability.


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