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  • M185 (Kabellos)
  • M185 (Kabellos)
  • M185 (Kabellos)
CHF 21.80
Logitech M185 (Kabellos)

Bewertung zu Logitech M185 (Kabellos).

User robert0311
M185 (Kabellos)

Seems to have a problem with Windows 7.

Not great. When installed on a windows 7 system (quad core, 16GB) the cursor was very jittery on my 32" HD screen, windows Mouse setting changes did not help much. Installing the special Logitech driver for Windows 7 to get a smoother movement did not help much either.

When I replaced it with my 10 year old Logitech optical mouse, the system worked fine again.

Moved this mouse to a Windows XP system where it seems to works OK.

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