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  • UniFi VoIP Phone Executive
  • UniFi VoIP Phone Executive
  • UniFi VoIP Phone Executive
CHF 400.–
Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP Phone Executive

Bewertung zu Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP Phone Executive.

User mihala_mm
UniFi VoIP Phone Executive

Possibly return.

Ubiquiti: This phone is only works with certain Ubiquiti switches which support 48V 26W PoE+ 802.3.at (which is according to my IT department unusually high voltage and wattage). Ubiquiti said NO power adapter or PoE injector possible. Their minimum recommendation is Ubiquiti US-8-150W now 223.- CHF at Digitec, (although it says 25.5W on Digitec's page and this phone would need 26W). This is totally _unacceptable_ to sell this phone without this information!


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