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  • G450M (450W)
  • G450M (450W)
  • G450M (450W)
CHF 73.–
Cooler Master G450M (450W)

Bewertung zu Cooler Master G450M (450W).

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G450M (450W)

Incredible Build Quality & Silence for Peanuts

This PSU is used on my desk to power four 2TB WD RE drives and a E8500 C2D CPU 24/7 (the rest of the machine is powered by its dying OEM PSU).

+ It's thoroughly silent, mechanically and electrically. Even in the middle of the night, ambient noise covers whatever decibels it produces completely.
+ It's extremely well-built, as my unit fell 1m+ off the desk to the hardwood floor soon after I installed it. I can see the corner it landed on by the very slight distortion in the body of the PSU. Otherwise, nothing. No scratches, no rattling inside, no additional noise. It's as if it never happened.
+ Extremely rare nowadays: the PSU comes with useful documentation, showing you power curves and so on. 450 really isn't that much nowadays. :)

So if your primary criteria are silence, build quality and price, do not hesitate to get this PSU. It works very well as a supplemental/external unit, and wouldn't mind swapping it with my main PSU, a Super Flower 450. That one is Gold-rated though.


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