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  • Saker (Motorisiert, 135", 16:9)
  • Saker (Motorisiert, 135", 16:9)
  • Saker (Motorisiert, 135", 16:9)
CHF 799.–
Elite Screens Saker (Motorisiert, 135", 16:9)

Bewertung zu Elite Screens Saker (Motorisiert, 135", 16:9).

User robinphillips
Saker (Motorisiert, 135", 16:9)

Good solution for maximizing screen size in a room.

I selected this screen as it allows the largest possible viewing area combined witha nearly completely flat screen surface in my home theater. Screens with side tensioning systems might be nearly perfectly flat but they have much wider cases which would require me to select a smaller screen size for my room. There are very small wrinkles but they are so small as to be unnoticeable from a normal (3m) viewing distance. Ignore the comments from other reviews about the smell, this disappears after a couple of days. Excellent support from the US email support address. I wanted to know how to reprogram the stop position when it is lowering (to have less black cloth at the top due to my room size), I was quickly sent the instructions on how to do this.


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