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Lightroom 6 (EN, Mac OS X, Windows)
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Adobe Lightroom 6 (EN, Mac OS X, Windows)

Bewertung zu Adobe Lightroom 6 (EN, Mac OS X, Windows).

User jtichava
Lightroom 6 (EN, Mac OS X, Windows)

Good photo editing, but…

I really like Adobe products, but I don’t like, what they are doing with licensing and other things around!
I already had Lightroom 5 and if I compare these two products, I must say, there are interesting new features, but I don’t like, they are forcing me to use some of their cloud and something was simplified – like import dialog. I don’t like this trend.
There is also some “Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service”, I personally don’t like these background services – no service was necessary in version 5 and Lightroom is not kind of an application, which requires this background services.
Otherwise, editing photos is good and same as I liked in previous version, so far I didn’t adjust a lot of pictures, but in this case, I’m so far fully satisfied and I would recommend it to you.

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