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  • P2717H (27", 1920x1080)
  • P2717H (27", 1920x1080)
  • P2717H (27", 1920x1080)
CHF 229.–statt vorher 269.–1
Dell P2717H (27", 1920x1080)

Bewertung zu Dell P2717H (27", 1920x1080).

User Nick2094
P2717H (27", 1920x1080)

Good Monitor for office use. You will need speakers for sound.

Not really a monitor expert but it works.. The setup of the monitor to the foot is very easy and I like how simple it is to adjust. I have given it 4 stars because it doesnt have sound.. I went back and didnt see any mention of its ability to / lack of ability to play sound. I just kind of assumed it would have at least a small pair of speakers.


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