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  • DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop)
  • DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop)
CHF 54.–
Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop)

Bewertung zu Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop).

User se4n_1
DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop)

Fantastic purchase, I couldn't quite believe the read write speeds and the access times on a drive this cheap. Then again, it is Toshiba and they have a reputation that rivals HGST.

Toshiba is known for the high quality products and this is no exception. The disk performs remarkably well for a 1TB drive. I saw sustained writes of 180MB/s when I was copying the contents of my old drive. The smart control data indicated the drive had been powered on just once before, probably for platter testing in the factory, and there were no bad sectors or other technicals indicating anything wrong. The drive is also quiet and seems to display enterprise level performance with sector access times, more testing would be necessary to confirm my early observations of sub millisecond <4kb access times.


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