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  • Yeti (Stereo, Midnight Blue)
  • Yeti (Stereo, Midnight Blue)
  • Yeti (Stereo, Midnight Blue)
CHF 159.–
Blue Yeti (Stereo, Midnight Blue)

Bewertung zu Blue Yeti (Stereo, Midnight Blue).

User Serge R
Yeti (Stereo, Midnight Blue)

A great microphone for a really good price

I put 5 stars to all of it, not because i'm stupid and I love the microphone, it is actually a really really good microphone, you've got great audio quality, no need for Adobe Audition, there's a mute button, you can listen to yourself for whatever reasons you need to for, you can control your gain and you have multiple sound modes that can be used for whatever you need it for.
The microphone has a nice finish to it, its sleek and smooth, for its price, nothing can compare any better !


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