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  • SoundSport Free (In-Ear, Schwarz)
  • SoundSport Free (In-Ear, Schwarz)
  • SoundSport Free (In-Ear, Schwarz)
CHF 203.34
Bose SoundSport Free (In-Ear, Schwarz)

Bewertung zu Bose SoundSport Free (In-Ear, Schwarz).

User marianbadut
SoundSport Free (In-Ear, Schwarz)

A good product.

Nicely done, fine work, a little bit to dick - look like an roboter - but not exagerated, good sound, easy to put on and prety stable in ear, very good loading system with the case and all. a little delay in sound, so can't be used for gaming or 1:1 replay (tested on iPhone 7, 8 and PC - same results).

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