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Salerm Keratin Shot Smoothing Cream (Crème)

Salerm Keratin Shot Smoothing Cream Volume: 500ml (16.9oz)
Art-Nr 5987954
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Long lasting straightener, hydrates and recovers natural Shine. It is a revolutionary straightener treatment, that works adding Keratin and modifying the form of the hair. The benefits that its use contributes are: an amazing recovery of the natural hydration, the brightness and the smoothing, control of the volume and straighten hair. The duration depends on the porosity of the hair, but like average it is possible to be said that 12 to 24 weeks, as long as it is used the recommended Shampoo, conditioner and serum. How to use: 1. Wash hair with Keratin Shot Maintenance Shampoo with lukewarm water. For cases of extremely dirty hair, it is advised to use first Salerm Technique Purifying Shampoo. 2. Wash one second time leaving an exposure time of 5 minutes. It is necessary to make sure that the hair is well clean. 3. Dry hair with towel, leaving it slightly humid. 4. Divide the hair in 4 sections and apply Salerm Keratin Shot Straightening Cream, beginning by the part of behind. You may have to take smaller sections of each division to assure that every strand of hair receives the treatment. For the application usually it is used a brush, although we recommend a sprayer like more comfortable, effective system and that it avoids on saturating the hair with too much product. The amount to apply will be from 70 to 90 milliliters, based on the length of the hair. 5. Make sure that every strand of hair receives the Keratin Shot treatment. 6. Blow-dry with a round/paddle brush, until the hair is dry very important and smooth. 7. Divide again the head in 4 sections and flat iron each section to seal the keratin into the hair. Use a ceramic flat iron with an average temperature of 230 degrees Celcius / 446 Degrees Fahrenheit in each section at least 5 or 6 times. Until making sure that the hair is smooth and without rest of Straightening cream. 8. To end the treatment apply a small amount of Keratin Shot Serum. 9. After the treatment, leave 72 hours without washing. plus


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Fabricant Salerm
Type de produit Haarstylingprodukt
Numéro d'article5987954

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Salerm Keratin Shot Smoothing Cream (Crème) Salerm Keratin Shot Smoothing Cream (Crème)