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The base oil Primavera St-Johns wort oil organic can be used directly on skin or as component in crèmes and salves. Primavera St-Johns wort oil comes from organic farmers in warm and sun-flooded areas of southern France. Due to the application of organic olive oil it is especially skin friendly. Primavera St-Johns wort oil is perfect as base oil for warming and harmonising massages. The slightly reddish Primavera St-Johns wort oil calms the skin and soothes skin irritations. It acts anti-inflammatory and cools down skin, for example after suffering sunburn. Primavera St-Johns wort oil regenerates skin and activates skin’s metabolism. It is suitable for all skin types. The oil is especially active on chapped, inflamed and dry skin. The St-Johns wort plant as base for St-Johns wort oilSt-Johns wort grows generally on sunny heath land, dry meadows and on sunny borders of trails and woods. There it collects energy from sunlight and stores it in its deep yellow flower leaves. St-Johns wort is known all around the world. It can be found literally everywhere. But while it is native in Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa, it had to be imported first to South America and Australia. Exposed to light, the leaves of St-Johns wort appear to have many small holes. But these holes are actually glands, in which the bright essential oil of the plant is stored in concentrated form. If fresh plant leaves are pressed, a deep red colorant is released. While original St-Johns wort is cultivated on purpose, it is considered as unwanted weed in normal agriculture. The making of St-Johns wort oilSt-Johns wort is grown on selected soils according to strict controlled organic farming practices. St-Johns wort oil is made by a simple, but time proven method. The fresh, blooming St-Johns wort is hand-collected and placed in high-quality organic olive oil. During the next approximately 10 weeks, this oil is shaken several times. So, the healing agents of St-Johns wort are transferred into the oil. Special care is given to pureness of ingredients, as they may not be altered for unfolding their full scale of action. St-Johns wort is a common name in traditional medicine. The Greek doctor Hippocrates valued St-Johns wort oil already as anti-inflammatory and used it in various treatments. Famous Paracelsus stated St-Johns wort’s positive effects when suffering from depression and melancholy. St-Johns wort oil is often used as rub treating hardenings, back aches, sore muscles, gout and rheumatism, due to its warming and reactivating effects. St-Johns wort oil activates skin’s metabolism. Therefore it acts soothing and helps inflamed, dry and chapped skin, but also when suffering from psoriasis or other skin rashes. St-Johns wort oil is also helpful for treating wounded animals. The pure and organic base oils from Primavera are very similar to skin’s own lipid structure. Therefore, they are accepted very well by skin and care and nourish it intensively. The oils are produced by applying cold pressing, which keeps the oil’s high content of valuable agents and vital ingredients. For body care and massage, Primavera base oils can be used purely and can furthermore be used for producing own body oil mixtures with other essential oil. Application Primavera Base Oil St-Johns Wort Oil Organic:Rub into still wet skin after cleaning. Ingredients/INCI Primavera Base Oil St-Johns Wort Oil Organic:Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil* org, Hypericum Perforatum Flower Extract* org Additional Information Primavera Base Oil St-Johns Wort Oil Organic:Caution: St-Johns wort oil enhances skin’s light sensitivity. Please do not use prior to sun bathing. After sun bathing or when suffering from sunburn, the oil soothes the skin. Shipping Weight: 1,3 kg.plus


Spécifications principales

Type de soin hydratantKörperöl
HauttypNormale Haut

Informations générales

Fabricant Primavera
Type de produit Soins hydratants
Numéro d'article5952664

Propriétés du soin hydratant

Type de soin hydratant
Normale Haut

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