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  • Tampons antirouille
  • Tampons antirouille
  • Tampons antirouille
CHF 12.70
Die Höhle der Löwen Tampons antirouille

Évaluation sur Die Höhle der Löwen Tampons antirouille.

User JP911

Eliminates thin coats of rust in one application

Bought this product for the first time to use on a VERY rusty 41 year old car. Did a lot of prep work (sanded the heavy rust off), then I applied the product. I let it sit for 24h, then power washed. The product did a decent job converting the rust to... not rust :-) Where the rust layer was thin, it did it perfectly. Where the rust was thicker, it did not complete the transformation. I am in the process of applying the product a second time, and will see how it goes. Generally, impressive, and easy to use.

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