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  • Blue 3D NAND (250Go, 2.5")
  • Blue 3D NAND (250Go, 2.5")
CHF 56.50
WD Blue 3D NAND (250Go, 2.5")

Évaluation sur WD Blue 3D NAND (250Go, 2.5").

User PeterAS17
Blue 3D NAND (250Go, 2.5")

While fast and good-looking, it doesn't fully reach the expected speeds (90-95% of the expected nonetheless)

While fast and good-looking, it doesn't reach the 560MB/s (W) and 530MB/s (R) specified in the product page. It goes more like 530MB/s (Writing) and 490MB/s (Reading). Still fast nonetheless! It does differ from the SSD I had before, that was slower than a HDD


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