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BR1500GI (1500VA, 865W, Line-Interaktiv (Schutzklasse 5))
CHF 319.–
APC BR1500GI (1500VA, 865W, Line-Interaktiv (Schutzklasse 5))

Évaluation sur APC BR1500GI (1500VA, 865W, Line-Interaktiv (Schutzklasse 5)).

User borisrannou
BR1500GI (1500VA, 865W, Line-Interaktiv (Schutzklasse 5))

Try another brand and hope having more luck

Never again: died after just 6 month of usage with the strange f02 error. I bought it because I occur 3 to 10 power cut a day, so it was an essential piece for my work. I now live abroad and replacing it will just be impossibe. :-(
I let my 2 stars because worked great before f02 error code problem started.

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