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  • iPad Pro (10.50", 256Go, Gris sidéral)
  • iPad Pro (10.50", 256Go, Gris sidéral)
CHF 787.–
Apple iPad Pro (10.50", 256Go, Gris sidéral)

Évaluation sur Apple iPad Pro (10.50", 256Go, Gris sidéral).

User ride2slide
iPad Pro (10.50", 256Go, Gris sidéral)

The digital work horse of today. The only things it’s not good for is toast baking and development.

Another great product even from Apple as it is nowdays. Depends on the use case for it, but the iPad pro is my digital work horse for all tasks I do in my IT consulting everyday grind.

A typical use case where the iPad just works: webex conferencing with screen sharing while dialled in via skype and sharing a OneNote work book with my team and taking notes with the pen and typing whereby I flip to mail to include the notes to send out during all of the above. Oh and the VPN is running too.

The hardware is lightning fast, more than enough for the everyday user so don’t buy it if you simply want to use it for surfing and movie strea... I mean watching...


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