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  • Dockingstation EDD-D100BE
  • Dockingstation EDD-D100BE
CHF 21.80
Samsung Dockingstation EDD-D100BE

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Dockingstation EDD-D100BE

Question: Hat das Teil einen Stromanschluss?

Question: Hat das Teil einen Stromanschluss?
Answer: yes it has the same Stromanschluss as the tablet - I have one.

Question: does it come with inclusive a USB power (strom) cable?
I suspect not, but cannot confirm from the data here.


The power interface is the same as the supplied USB cable that charges the tablet. The interface is DIFFERENT from the Apple iPad interface (I tried it, it does not fit).

The tablet is meant to sit horizontally while being charged, if I want it vertical then it can sit (carefully) on the stand, but without charging. It remains to be seen whether this will damage the power interface (Stromanschluss) over time as it clearly not menat to be used this way.

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