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  • DCS-933L
  • DCS-933L
  • DCS-933L
CHF 91.90
D-Link DCS-933L

Évaluation sur D-Link DCS-933L.

User stefanosch1

(not bought at Digitec)
For CHF 90.- you get a st...

(not bought at Digitec)
For CHF 90.- you get a standalone webcam which can do pretty everything.

You can set it up to e.g. automatically switch from day (color) to night mode (black&white for short-infrared - the lenses are swapped automatically when it switches due to the different focus of short-infrared waves - you'll hear a "clack" in the cam when that happens) automatically and to monitor portions of the image and if a specific threshold that you set is met then to send you an email with pics or a video attached, and enable this monitoring only e.g. on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 23-6am.
Even an automatic upload to a FTP-server is supported (instead of an email-server).

Or, in the worst case where you e.g. don't trust the webcam to have any kind of direct connection to the outside world, you can connect it directly to a PC/server (via eth) and trigger from the PC itself at regular intervals the download of a jpeg image of whatever is being seen via e.g. "wget my.ip.ad.dress/image/jpeg.c..." to then do your own post-processing.
(configuration for userID/pwd can be disabled separately for the image download)

The cam gets a bit warm (but not hot) - probably because of the IR-LEDs.

-1 star for because the resolution is low.

No points for Reliability as I bought it just today.

The rest seems to be ok ("live" video in MJPEG is fluid - the one in h264 is always lacking a few seconds behind).

Summarized: I was surprised to find all these functionalities in such a small thing. Unluckily the resolution is quite low, but on the other side the infrared images are not bad. I was extremely happy that no software needs to be installed - I am a Linux user and can do everything from its web-interface.


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