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  • Alpha 7 II boîtier (24Mpx, 5FPS, WiFi)
  • Alpha 7 II boîtier (24Mpx, 5FPS, WiFi)
  • Alpha 7 II boîtier (24Mpx, 5FPS, WiFi)
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Sony Alpha 7 II boîtier (24Mpx, 5FPS, WiFi)

Évaluation sur Sony Alpha 7 II boîtier (24Mpx, 5FPS, WiFi).

User lucalaesser

Check what kind of guarantee you get, especially if you are travelling outside Europe.

We bought the camera to take for our long vacations - we are travelling for six months. As we tested the camera it worked fine, however it started making really loud noise after the flight, especially when pointed up or down. Afterward, it stopped making noise, but stopped recognizing any lenses and stopped focusing at all. We didn't even drop the camera always carried it in our hand luggage and took during the flight underneath our plane seat.

We called Sony and Digitec, but the warranty is valid only in Europe. If you buy the camera for long vacations outside Europe, make sure to buy somewhere where you can get a worldwide guarantee. Sony was absolutely rude and did not give us any solution, other than sending our camera to Switzerland for checking and possible repair. In case of long vacations and especially outside of Europe it is almost impossible to make sure that the camera will arrive without any additional damage during the shipment and the postal service for a fragile and heavy item such as Sony a7ii with lenses is extremely expensive. Even if we would send it, we do not know how to get it back to us safely per postal service. So basically we will have to wait for six month to get back to Switzerland or somewhere in Europe to be able to show our camera and get it fixed. It is unfortunate that we got such defect camera, but for such price, one could expect better service and support by Sony and Digitec. Buying such renown brand as Sony we thought that we would be able to travel around the globe and repair it as move, however it is not the case.

Test out the camera after buying and be aware that there are many reviews that had the same problem with sony.

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