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  • FlowBoard Air Alu (22km/h)
  • FlowBoard Air Alu (22km/h)
  • FlowBoard Air Alu (22km/h)
SoFlow FlowBoard Air Alu (22km/h)

Bewertung zu SoFlow FlowBoard Air Alu (22km/h).

User smhh
FlowBoard Air Alu (22km/h)

Not reliable at all

I had used it for less than 10 days. Few days ago, the scooter turned off completely when I was riding it. I had used it for less than 2 km after the last charge and it couldn't be because of battery run out. The LCD had turned off and no success in turning it on again. I plugged the charger at home and it turned on. The battery indicator showed more than half of the charging capacity was still available! I charged it to full anyways and tried to use it again the same day. It worked for few hundreds of meters and turned off completely again. There should be something wrong with the scooter as a result. When functioning properly, it had an autonomy of around 7-8 km (although it says 15 km in the specs).

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