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  • TW86104 (1.50l)
  • TW86104 (1.50l)
  • TW86104 (1.50l)
CHF 71.90
Siemens TW86104 (1.50l)

Bewertung zu Siemens TW86104 (1.50l).

User ashley920

Non CH plug and wrong adapter

I received the product today and the plus is not CH plug. They include an adaptor that is not suitable for this plug so when I tried to use it, it just stuck. The adaptor is not removable from the plug (believed me I have tried everything and spent 1.5 hrs tried to remove the adaptor...) so I have to return it. waited 2 weeks for this, really disappointed. I have to go to the post office during this quarantine time because of this....

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