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  • Soraya Deep Rose
  • Soraya Deep Rose
  • Soraya Deep Rose
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LELO Soraya Deep Rose

Bewertung zu LELO Soraya Deep Rose.

User iva.d
Soraya Deep Rose


I absolutely love this product. I can’t find a single thing to complain about this one. The shape itself is perfect. At first I was a little scared of its size, but after a first couple of runs, I got used to it. The grip of a surface is excellent, it doesn’t slip or slide, it stays right where you left it, you can go hands free, like I do every now and then, with ease, and this is really important to me. Soraya is totally submersible and waterproof. You can use it in the bath or shower and cleaning is a breeze. The vibes are perfect, it has many different vibrating options, from a tingling, teasing sensation to a full jackhammer drilling sensation, there’s everything for everyone. I would definitely recommend buying this product!

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