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  • Rustic (1x, 27.50cm)
  • Rustic (1x, 27.50cm)
  • Rustic (1x, 27.50cm)
CHF 9.–statt 13.90
house doctor Rustic (1x, 27.50cm)

Bewertung zu house doctor Rustic (1x, 27.50cm).

User livsva


Really beautiful. Only thing to consider is that the batches of 4 (unit sold in) are each different . I’m not saying each plate is different - it is and is so gorgeous, I’m saying batches of 4 can look different from other batches of 4. One of the batches was so beautiful and exactly as the photo was - another was really ugly, was a pale grey colour with no dots, no different textures and shades within a plate... nothing like the photo.

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