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Superficie Pro X (13 ", Microsoft SQ1, 8 GB, 128 GB, LTE)
Microsoft Superficie Pro X (13 ", Microsoft SQ1, 8 GB, 128 GB, LTE)

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Amazing display, Pen hides and SSD is easily upgradable

Why we bought the Surface Pro X (bought this model for 799 CHF from MediaMarkt).
Hi guys, just want to share our experience with the Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Pro X. We have returned almost 4 Surface Pro 7s (one was DOA).
The SP7 i5 fanless version always got very hot, so much such that I couldn't even hold it in bed to read. The i7 version got very loud. We then decided to buy a Surface Pro X. At first, we were skeptical because of all the youtube reviews but then we were so positively surprised. The SPX display is magic, we love the way the pen is hidden and charges in the keyboard.

The pen is amazing. When having several apps (e.g. Spotify, Netflix, chrome with several taps), open, the SPX never gets hot. I mean NEVER. Microsoft edge on the surface Pro X is a joy to use. Microsoft Outlook works like charm.
We use drawboard to annotate Pdfs– it takes a few seconds to start but the app is amazing. With the SP7, we constantly had issues. Photoshop beta is now available. Filmora Pro works just fine for video editing and even better than on the SP7. The SP7 is the worse surface device we have owned. If you have a main computer (in our case iMacs), buy a surface pro 7 for a better traveling laptop/tablet experience and you will never regret it. If you are gamer, then you should not be looking at a surface device in the first place.

The SSD can be replaced in a matter of seconds. It's a single screw on the back. You can upgrade from 128SSD to 512SSD for about 120 USD (check on Amazon). The LTE works flawlessly.

The Surface Pro X is a great and beautiful device.


  • Beautiful and gorgeous display
  • Almost bezel-less design
  • LTE comes with all models. Works like charm.
  • Only a tiny screw to remove and upgrade SSD. Can be done in seconds.
  • Pen hides and charges in the keyboard
  • Pen experience is so much better
  • Never gets hot
  • Crashes less than the Surface Pro 7
  • Most apps like Spotify, MS Office, Netflix, draw board, etc., work very well


  • Professional apps not yet available
  • No MicroSD Card slot (however, SSD easily upgradable)