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  • Vertical Mouse VM4R (Cavo)
  • Vertical Mouse VM4R (Cavo)
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Evoluent Vertical Mouse VM4R (Cavo)

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User halbtaxabo-dg
Vertical Mouse VM4R (Cavo)

It does what it is supposed to do - allows the han...

It does what it is supposed to do - allows the hand to operate the mouse in a more normal position than an ordinary mouse. Consequently it reduces the risk of wrist problems (carpal tunnel syndrome) and shoulder problems.
You should still take regular breaks from using a mouse.

The pointer-movement speed is adjustable. The main 3 mouse buttons lie very conveniently under the fingers, as does the scroll wheel. There are 2 more buttons, for those users who can make use of them, conveniently reachable by the thumb.

Note that this mouse comes in two sizes.

If you have ever had any kind of carpal tunnel problem or any kind of shoulder problem, you should use this mouse. You should use it if you are over 50 anyway, to reduce the risk of ever getting those problems.

For Windows and Mac it comes with drivers. With Linux no special driver was needed, it worked out of the box. I just unplugged the old mouse, plugged this one into a USB port, and everything just worked.


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