Winter shoes

Comfortable, elegant and warm through the cold season thanks to winter shoes!
Sports and exercise outdoors can be fun even in winter. For carefree fun in the fresh air, the right clothing that keeps you warm and protects you from moisture is a basic requirement. In our online shop you will find winter shoes that will keep you comfortable even in slippery, very cold temperatures and snow.

Best supported with the right winter shoes!
A good winter shoe for men or women has high requirements: They should protect your feet from the cold and wet, feel comfortable and give you a secure grip on slippery ground. They are made of functional materials that keep your feet warm without making you sweat. Whether it's an innovative mix of materials or Goretex, the latest developments protect you from moisture penetration and can wick moisture from the inside to the outside.

Discover our huge range of winter shoes!
You will find winter shoes for men, women and children in various colours and materials. The particularly robust winter shoes are suitable for both leisure and work and always keep your feet warm and dry. You can also find technical winter shoes that you can use on your next polar mission, for example. It is important that your winter shoes have a non-slip tread, because you don't want to fall into the next crevasse. We also recommend winter boots with a removable inner shoe and a rubberised protective galosh for your next North Pole hike. Your winter shoes will withstand the extreme weather conditions and icy terrain - safety always comes first! This is not necessary for city cucumbers. For this clientele, stylish boots from our "Boots" category will suffice. Impregnation is also highly recommended - help yourself to our textile and shoe care range. Have fun browsing and wading through endless snowy landscapes!