Winter jackets

Jackets for cold temperatures can be found here. They keep you warm in the everyday life of winter. You can find long winter jackets in the parka and coat section. Parkas have a sporty cut and mostly a hood. The coat is usually less detailed than a parka and has the classic cut. If you want a particularly warm specimen you have the choice between wool coat and down coat. You'll also find short winter jackets, fleece jackets, down jackets, quilted jackets and sleeveless vests and vests. Functional winter jackets for snow sports can be found in the Sports sector under the "Ski jacket" section. 

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Tommy Hilfiger - Tech

Fjällräven - Greenland (L)

The North Face - Murdo

Moncler - Garin (S)

The North Face - McMurdo

The North Face - Mc Murdo

Tommy Hilfiger - Hampton

The North Face - Mc Murdo

The North Face - Saikuru

Fjällräven - Yupik

Calvin Klein - Buffer (L)

Boss - Sarito

Tommy Hilfiger - Tech

Quiksilver - Arris

Tommy Hilfiger - Hampton (XL)