Baby scarves

In autumn and winter, a thick scarf is essential for babies, while in the summer, a baby neckerchief or triangle scarf is enough to keep the ice cream off the rest of the clothes. We offer high-quality scarves, shawls, bandanas and triangle scarves for babies, which are the least irritating to the delicate skin on the neck and do not become rough and stiff, even after repeated washing. With brands like Lässig, Baby's only or loud and proud, there are many colours and patterns that can be perfectly combined with the rest of the outfit. 

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Scarf (One size)
Barts Scarf (One size)
Reversible hose scarf (One size)
loud + proud Reversible hose scarf (One size)
The Little Chums (One size)
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Lässig The Little Chums (One size)